Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Winter Sun, Crocodiles and Extinction

In Plushiland we have been enjoying the summer sun. Some weeks back Gediva and his Cousins took a trip to the Big River. While at night Plushiland watches Plushi-Appropriate films.

Gediva and his Cousins take in the Sun at the Rhine River

Home again watching cartoons
Very bad news has reached us from Australia. It seems that you HUMANS are responsible for many creatures (always the small Mammals) being on the verge of extinction. Well the HUMAN Politicians in Australia are not the greatest, a lot of the Flat-Earthers and Global Warming Deniers over there. And as usual the animals introduced by you HUMANS are causing all the problems, foxes and the Devil's own creation the CAT! Ba I hate Cats. Not as much as I hate that Mickey Mouse, but that is another story.

Cute Aussie Mammals soon to be gone. (picture Jonathan Webb)

Save my ME! (picture Kym Brennan)
In other news the Independent reports that Crocodiles like to play with balls, While you see are Handbags and Shoes! Shame on YOU!

Who will play with me?

Come in and Play (source the Independent.co.uk)
Due to circumstances beyond our control I have had to delay part of my planned Royal Visit. But I will still be visiting England soon. I may have time to post between my engagements and I hope that the Euro will still be around when I next post. Invest in Diamonds, YOU have been warned. Gold has already increased in value. Or there is always Bitcoin. Maybe I should introduce Ratti-Coin.

Ratti Von Plush

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