Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Badgers, Police and Democracy/Democra-Fluff

According to the guardian.see link the Police are passing protesters's [against the killing of BADGERS] details over to the Farmer's Union in the UK. Gosh, now that is really surprising.

Just like my Bat NSA, tells me what the Teddy Bears are up to in Plushiland. And how do you think I know what is going on in the HUMAN WORLD. I get reports from all my Plushi-Spies [obviously not Teddy Bears - they like HUMANS too much. Real case of Stockholm Syndrome] in your HUMAN HOUSES. Anyway, the police here in Plushiland would not support the killing of Badgers. The Organs of the state saying "Please, no I am just doing my job", that excuse cannot be used since the Second HUMAN World War, or Apartheid in South Africa.

Is it just me? Or are some [one does need to be reasonable and not imply ALL] Police particularly nasty. In UK, Shooting innocent people, killing people at demonstrations [okay one HUMAN and he had a weak heart, well he did after he was pushed by the policeman]. So supporting the killing of BADGERS seems the next step....At recent protests in Frankfurt, Germany the police were also a bit over keen to protect commercial interests.

Of course WE do not have protests in Plushiland. Everyone is happy with OUR Non-Democratic System in Plushiland. We have a ruling Council, the Privy Council that represents the needs of all Plushis, so they do not have to worry about Democra-Fluff. We have a perfect system here. Non- Represenatitive Plushi Democra-Fluff (NRPDF).
Privy Council serves the needs of all Plushis

Bit like HUMAN China, okay that is much more complicated. I cannot be bothered to find out anyway. I am very busy, I have to arrange a Teddy Bears's Tea Party. UGH how horrible. Silly Bears and their religion.

I also need to send my best wished to the old [double meaning intentional] and new Germany Queen, Angie, the First of that Name.
What the Greek Papers think

Will she rule longer than Baroness, Margaret Thatcher, the First of England? At least MT had policies......The statement does not imply that Ratti Von Plush supports these Policies.

Speaking of Democa-Fluff, I had  long meeting, at the weekend with the God-King, Tutankhamun. Or Rather his Plushi Counterpart, King Tuti-Bear, from Manchester, England. Tuti had some good ideas, about things like slavery and so on.... Tuti also had a Grand Vizier, AY. [so I am in good company as King Drooley's Grand Vizier] And it is simply not true that the Grand Vizier killed the King, Tuti.

King Tuti Bear, Ratti Von Plush and Edna as the Scribe

Maybe Having God Kings has put the Egyptians off Democra-Fluff permanently?Too soon? Too Late?

I visited the Plushi Aristocracy at weekend in Disney Mews.
Ratti Von Plush and Edna visit the Disney Mews, home of the Plushi Aristocracy. Few Bears!

There have been some complaints that religion is not mentioned enough in my posts. So I am now naming myself, the Pontifex Maximus of the Great Plushi in the Sky. [This is why I have to organise the Teddy Bears's Tea Party] I have this very original IDEA, I am hoping to use religion to control the Teddy Bears, not sure if it will work.

Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Professor Woody studies SCIENCE
Oh Yes, HUMANS you are supposed to actually follow the links I have added to this post. It is to help educated YOU.

  I am not doing this for my health but wealth send the DIAMONDS to:

Ratti Von Plush
Pontifex Maximus of the Great Plushi in the Sky
Lord President of the Privy Council of Plushiland
Grand Vizier (AY AY AY)
Office of the King
Plushi Towers

PS if you find any spelling or grammar mistakes, remember Engrish is not my first language. Email corretions to: von.plush@googlemail.com or seem me on facebook: Ratti Von Plush I want to be YOUR friend.

Friday, 20 September 2013

New Official Photos.

Today the Royal Photographer [also know as The HUMAN]was at Court and has taken new photos.

King Drooley of Plushiland

Count Eccles of Plushiland

King Drooley and Count Eccles
Edna Von Plush and the great Ratti

Notice we are standing on our Beareux Tapestry. Our Tapestry is similiar to the HUMAN, Bayeux Tapestry
HUMAN Bayeux Thingy
Our Tapestry was created especially for Plushiland, by a Great Lady, and great friend of Plushiland.

Ratti Von Plush,
Lord President of the Privy Council & Grand Vizier,
Office of the King,
Plushi Towers,

Design a Flag Competition for Plushiland

King Drooley, the First of that Name, of Plushiland. My BOSS?

South African Flag
King Drooley has instructed me to run a “Design a Flag for Plushiland” completion. Basically we need a flag for our country. No Underpants design like the South African flag.

Democracy is one thing, taste clearly is another. Democracy is not to my taste, but that is just me. I am a little dictator with big plans. Anyway we need a flag, so get on and design one. I told King Drooley that you HUMANS are both too dumb and too lazy to design a flag. If there are no suitable suggestions from YOU, by the 15
 th day, of the 10th month, in the year of our Great Plushi in the SKY, 2013; then I will put something forward. We are still using the HUMAN calendar, soon to be replaced by the year of the RATTI. Also known as the Rattorian Calendar, which started in 2003. So 2013 is the 10th year of The Ratti. Email your designs to von.plush@googlemail.com Obviously you assign all legal rights to the design to me, Ratti Von Plush when you send me anything.....ha ha ha.... I am on Facebook as Ratti Von Plush. be my friend...

The first prize is: not being sent to a Plushian Gulag. The prize has been generously sponsored by President Pushtin of PLUSHIA. I believe in the Carrot and Stick, but without the Carrots, obviously. 

Ratti Von Plush,
Lord President of the Privy Council & Grand Vizier,
Office of the King,
Plushi Towers,

Language Problems and Asylum Seekers?

Last week I reported that to avoid the Badger killing in England, some Badgers had managed to escape to Plushiland. These Badgers were expected to learn the Plushiland dialect of the Universal-Plush language, Plushi. One of the Badgers, Bud has been spending a lot of time with The Right Honourable Hagar Von Plush, known as Tollie. It seems That Tollie has taught Bud, Cornwellian, Brit-Plushi. This is because Tollie is originally from Cornwell in Brit-Plush/know to you HUMANS as England. Not only that, but it seems that Tollie and Bud have entered into a Registered Civil Plushi-Partnership. 
Bud, Badger and Tollie Von PLush

[President Pushtin of Plushia will be very cross about that.] We wanted  all immigrants to Plushiland to integrate as soon as possible.  Our other Badger asylum seeker has moved into accommodation in Plushi Towers, building 1, level 1.
Ratti Von Plush,
Lord President of the Privy Council & Grand Vizier,
Office of the King,
Plushi Towers,

Last Polar Bear Dies in Zoo 2043

If you HUMANS do not start doing something about Global Warming, then this is the headline your Grandchildren will receive via their neural implants, powered by Apple, in the year 2043. Read Guardian article yourself. Obviously there are too many bears in Plushiland, but easch one is precious in the HUMAN WORLD. Contrac-Ratti but such is PLUSH/life.

Yes I know the American Right does not believe in Global Warming, and the Chinese govt. does not care about it, but it is still a problem. Each year the polar ice becomes thinner and more scattered. The Poor Polar Bears have to swim between the ice sheets often for many miles. [Often the distances are too far, and they are already weakened by lack of food and so they drown. All because you need two cars per household, try walking to the shop. The COWS, you so love to eat produce, so much CO2, that they are one of the biggest sources of CO2-Carbon Dioxide. And of course the production of all you unnecessary “CONSUMER GOODS”.] 

I love only DIAMONDS,
Edna Von Plush and Ratti Von Plush love DIAMONDS

because as Dame Shirley Bassy sings “TheDIAMONDS linger” 

Seems I got distracted. And obviously the Baby Polar Bears are most at risk of drowning because they are so small and cannot swim as far and so as long as their mothers can.
Photos by Ian Brown, montage by Jeremy Young
 BBC Polar Bear Documentary link. See You Tube

Soon enough the only Polar Bears will be in Zoos – not a place you would choose to life – it if it was your last hope. 

The Late, Great, Knut. Rest in Peace. Love Ratti and Plushiland

There is the sad story of KNUT – the polar bear that was born in Berlin in 05.12.2006. His mother rejected him and the zoo decided to hand rear KNUT. But some of you HUMANS said he should be killed right away. He had a very devoted ersatz [replacement for those who do not understand German-Plushi] mother, Thomas Dorflein. Knut was very cute and many thousands of people visited the zoo and it collected piles of DIAMONDS, oh sorry money. Knut’s HUMAN parent died suddenly of heart failure on 22.09.2008. Knut died on 19.03.2011. He had some sort of fit and was found drowned in his enclosure. 

Very sad, but the KNUT saga does demonstrate the plight of Polar Bears, and that animals in Zoos, even with the best attention often die because it is not their natural environment. And HUMANS are horrible.

Fortunately, there are some polar bears in Plushiland, and they will survive, as their Fluff-ice will not melt.
Forstie Von Plush and Baby, Plushiland Polar Bears

Ratti Von Plush,
Lord President of the Privy Council & Grand Vizier,
Office of the King,
Plushi Towers,

Friday, 13 September 2013

First Asylum Seekers Arrive

Bud the Badger escapes in Backpack

The first Badger Asylum Seekers, attempting to escape the killing and destruction of their homes in England, arrived in Plushiland this yesterday.  Plushiland has agreed to accept all Badgers that are able to escape the slaughter in their homeland.Farmers, Hunters and other Tories [The Nasty Party] in England continue to murder defenseless Badgers. Trying to shoot them through the heart, so they do not suffer (SIC). To show that this is nothing other than a Hunting party (The previous Labour govt of the UK [under the marvellous Tony Blair] stopped Landowners’s [read Tory] Fun of hunting and shooting foxes.) In desperation to shoot something, they have now decided to kill the Badgers. It is apparently to see if shooting badgers will reduce TB in Cows. But listen to this, the bodies of the killed Badgers will not be tested for TB. So really it is about how many Badgers can be killed [for no reason-other than we like killing things.]in the shortest possible time. And now the some of the Welch farmers are sulking because they too wanted to kill Badgers, but the court said “no”. But they still want their turn, to see if they can kill a Badger by shooting it through the heart “not to cause it any suffering”.

You HUMANS truly are very strange. Your ideologies always overrule your logic. You have your “SCIENCE” why do you not use it, to solve the TB problem. Oh no wait, you like to use your SCIENCE to kill each other. And if HUMANS are killing their own kind, then I guess there is not much hope that they will stop killing animals. And the job of a Farmer is to kill things for a living (Cows, pigs, Sheep, horses, goats, foxes, birds, chickens and now BADGERS). Blood Money I think you will find!

Privy Council of Plushiland
The Whole of the Privy Council of Plushiland, led by King Drooley and of course myself, Ratti, met the Badgers this yesterday afternoon. After which a special reception was held for the Asylum seekers. 

Privy Council welcomes Badgers from England

Plushiland has a long and honourable heritage in helping Plushis in need. You will recall the fund raising efforts for the “Abused Relationship Plushis” I am happy to report that we have received several DIAMOND donations for the Abused Relationship Plushis (ARP), but we have also set up a fund for the BADGERS.Our New Badgers will be housed in temporary housing for a week, before being given their own space in Plushi Towers. We also hope that they will be able to learn our Dialect soon. All Plushis speak Plushi, but there are obviously regional differences.
Plushiland's Badgers please support them
Diamonds collected for ARP


Ratti Von Plush
Lord President of the Privy Council & Grand Vizier
Office of the King
Plushi Towers