Friday, 11 April 2014

Plushiland Welcomes back Ratti Von Plush

Ratti and Edna Von Plush with African Gifts for Plushiland

It has now been a week since we returned from our trip to South Africa. It seems that in the process we have managed to acquire additional immigrants. Two new Plushis managed to get into the luggage. So there were two new faces to greet me, when I woke up back in Plushiland. They are Nagapie Von Plush and Hippo Von Plush.
Hippo and Nagapie Von Plush arrive in Plushiland. Ratti and Edna not amused!
Apparently they had been granted Plushiland Enterance Visas at Johannesburg Airport (YES, YES. I know it is called the Oliver Tambo International Airport!!!). Not by me, but THE HUMAN. Bit of a cheek really. INDIGNITY! I mean, fair enough, Plushiland can always use addtional slaves, I mean serfs, oh no we call them Subjects, no wait I think the Politically Correct term for HUMANS is Wage Slaves.... So Plushis must be cuddle slaves.

But I digress. It seems very wrong that the Royal Plushiland delegation, including me, Ratti Von Plush, should travel in the hold, while these new immigrants got to travel in the hand luggage. Only economy (Battery chicken class - okay it is worse for the chickens - than British Airways Economy Class) I will be looking into this serious violation of my rights.
Mr Price Pouch Bear Von Plush from South Africa. Taking Cuddles away from the Locals?!

I notice that President Pushtin of Russia, has been doing a bit of map redrawing. Bla, bla - I know Crimea was part of Russia in the past. If I understand this correctly: if another country has a significant number of your "people" then you can hold a "referundum" and take over the place. Although, I have not been around that long, I believe it has been tried before with very bad results. With out refering to any events in the last 100 years, I too have had a good idea.

Seeing there are a significant number of Plushis living in Germany, France, Belgium and England, I have decided to ask the PLushis in these countries if they would like to join PLushiland. And I will then be their leader and ensure that their Plushi RIghts are Protected AGAINST  you evil HUMANS. Once again I must thank President Pushtin, for determining Plushiland Foreign Policy. Besides PLushiland is getting a bit full with all the Plushimmigrants from Europe (and Africa). I am not sure if we should limit European Plushimmigration (these foreign Plushis are getting all the cuddles and housing in Plushiland; or just take over the countries they come from to protect their Plushi-Rights, and our jobs of course.
Hippo meets Hippo

The European Parliamentary elections take place in May, not sure How I can use this to my advantage. But no doubt I will come up with something. Maybe register the Plushi-Party of Europe. No less silly than some of the other parties. Like the UK Independence Party! Well, anyway. I must go and scheme a bit more. Plushi Politics calls.
Remembering "Marius" the Danish Giraffe, killed by a Danish Zoo. Cause it was the easiest thing to do. Zoos are Rubbish!!!!Put the HUMANS in cages, Yes!
Ratti Von Plush
DIAMOND Collector
Ratti (wearing his Imperial Invasion Ribbon) looks to hold "referenda" among European Plushis
King of Salford
Lord Protector of Plushiland,
Pontifex Maximus of the Great Plushi in the Sky,
Lord President of the Privy Council of Plushiland,
Grand Vizier (AY AY AY),
Office of the King,
Plushi Towers,

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    Poor Teddy having too much excitement and driving the HUMANS to disstraction. Shame Poor things!