Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Babbage, The Bear Goes the Highest, Falls the Furtherest

A Plushi called Babbage and sometimes, Ted has beaten the HUMAN record for going the highest into the atmosphere/space. You can read the Guardian Newspapers Article for yourself and there is another interesting article here.

As you can see the Bear went really high and could see THE Evil that you HUMANS are getting up to. The clouds really do look like Candy FLuFF. Well done to Babbage for surviving the ordeal twice. He had to go up a second time because the silly HUMANS and their Science failed to do something properly the first time.

 I will leave it for the Scientifically minded to marvel about how clever it was and all that. I am just not sure that it was not PLUSHI- Abuse.

At least he got back, as you can see from the photo above.

Here you see the operation to take some of his FLUFF out. As one of the people said, "Babbage has the RIGHT FLUFF". I think all Plushis have the right FLuff. All Fluff is the right FLuff, but I take the HUMAN'S point.

King Drooley of Plushiland

As I was explaining elsewhere you need to be a Doctor of PLushi and FLuff medicine before you can go around cutting open Plushis. Some years back our own King Drooley had to have Open FLuff Surgery in Germany. This was not to take FLuff out but to give him additional FLuff. King Drooley had become rather flat, as the HUMAN had cuddled him too much. And in addition Drooley had been washed too often. We PLushis hate being washed especially in washing machines. It ruins our FLuff both on the inside and the outside. Originally Eccles was supposed to be a FLuff Donor, but this never happened. Drooley was filled with new FLuff from a Hobby Shop, and so no Plushis were harmed. Drooley has made a fully recovery from the operation that was several years back.

Tollie, Eccles, King Drooley, Ratti von Plush and Edna in Cornwell

Ratti Von Plush
Grand Vizier of Plushiland
Office of the King
Plushi Towers

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