Tuesday, 23 July 2013

On My Summer Holiday

I will be visiting Bruss-Fluff this week for my summer Holidays. It is royal visit as I am representing Plushiland at The Royal happening here In human Brussels. King Drooley, Count Eccles, The Lady Edna and The Right Hon. Tollie

Honourable Tollie all used the Royal coach to be in Brussels for the royal festivities.       :-) I am also hoping to get some much needed funding from the European Union of Plush. But with the English-plushies always wanting their money back not sure if anythinf left for the underdeveloped parts of East Plushiland. All the Fluff-Euros are going to pay those fat cat British bankers. hate them..... must dash got to buy Fluff chocolate for the peasants back in Plushiland. not freedom from the NSA. but given them chocolate. at least I am better than dear old, M-Antoinnet, the old Austrian Bat. she offered Cake but gave none. So it was off with her head and now we still have problems with the plushi peasants. I am giving chocolate and circuses. just like The old Roman Emperors. well they gave moulding bread and rotten grain. My Flyff chocolate always calms the masses. messes

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Plushi-Towers, Plushia - Off to Jail, DemocraFluff

The Humans who share myspace here continue to hang there wet shirts in front of PLushi-Towers. It is either things that have been washed or even worse shirts that have been worn to work (not sure what work means, sounds bad, worse than me). Really this INDIGNITY must stop at once. I have just signed an executive order in this regard.

And in other news in Plushia - King (I mean President) Pushtin (my hero) has sent another HUMAN to Jail for disagreeing with him. Now that is what I call power. Just like I said last time "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS". The Plushies in Plushiland have it far better than the HUMANS in Plushia. President Plushtin has rewritten the Book on DemocraFluff. OH Well. I am also trying for Ratti Von Plush to be Grand Vizier for life. Just like they have it in Plushia, with the strong HUMAN, President Plushtin. Now if he would only send Tedward Snowbear back to me, to stand trial. In an open and fair process, the way they have in Plushia, all order will be restored. Enjoy your DemocraFluff - while it lasts - assuming there is any left. Soon DemocraFluff, will be deFluffed.
De-Fluffing, is not nearly as attractive.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Ratti's NSA has Problems with Fluffi-Leaks and Tedward Snowbear

Julius Bear - Founder of Fluffi-Leaks, Hiding from me in a Basket.

 Today I have to report that I have been having problems with the organisation called Fluffi-Leaks. Fluffi-Leaks is like your human Wiki-Leaks. I am having the same problems here in Plushiland. Fluffi-Leaks founder Julius Bear has revealed that the NSA (Never Seek Asylum)- Plushi-Division has been spying on the citizens of Plushiland. And although Julius Bear is holed up somewhere in a box he is still causing problems for me, the Mighty Ratti.

Tedward Snowbear, of NSA - Plushi-division in hiding in Plushsia
Not only that but now one of my NSA workers (Tedward Snowbear) has run away and is hiding out in an airport in Plushsia.Nobody had seen him for weeks. All of a sudden he puts out of the woodwork and says that I, Ratti am a tyrant and Despot. Such a cheek considering that I employed him to keep Plushiland same from the danger - Real not made up, I promise - of Bear-Terror Acts. You really cannot trust anybody now a days can you?
Agents of Never Seek Asylum (NSA) - Plushi-Division  From Back Left: Batti, Barti, Super Tigi, Pink-Piggie and Red-Ratti. Absent Tedward Snowbear!

Mr Snowbear has released the above picture through Fluffi-Leaks. So athlough I did not want to worry anybody about this.All the data that I have save from FLuff-book is very safe. I have not let any one else take a look. And if the Bears are not planning anything that I do not like (also known as illegal) then they have nothing to worry about surely. I am a good guy. I might have unlimited power, but I use it with care and only to protect Plushiland. I have asked Plushsia to return Snowbear to me for questioning and if found guilty, De-Fluffing, all his fluff will be removed! You get the picture. The Euro-Fluffy countries have been very helpful and have said if Snowbear comes into there Plush-space they will arrest him and send him to me... So I think I have got this one sorted. Snowbear is a traitor and needs to be punished to fullness of my wrath. I am only trying to protect our Plushi way of life from Terror. 
Edna von Plush, wearing Ratti's Jewelry

While I have been posing for official photos, to be released soon,on stamps and what not; Edna has been wearing my jewelry.

 Everyone is against me today. "Off with their heads", as a dear friend of my, the Red Queen (Queen of Hearts), from Alice in Wonderland used to say. Before she was her self replaced. If you want to advice on how to be an evil Queen/Ruler. Take a look at Regina from "Once Upon a Time"

Regina, the EVIL Queen from Once Upon A Time

Enough of this, Matters of State require my attention.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Too Many Plushis

Everytime I turn my back another creature seems to have moved in to Plushitowers. I have insisted on a moratorium on new teddys, but nobody seems to paying me the slightest attention. If that is not bad enough, then take turns sleeping in my bed. FOr the last three nights it has been that silly Tollie (Otter) and Tigron - the TiGER.
Tollie and Tigron

Of course Disneys are better than other creatures. I am a Disney too of course. So we are the ruling class. But it seem that nearly all the animals here seem to think that they are the ruling class. There are a whole lot of pompous teddies from England. They are too high and might and so not speak to any of the other animals here.BUt they always have their noses in the air. Just because they come form Hamlys or Harrods. Well I come from Stansted, and that did not stop me from becoming King Ratti. Well actually there is this silly, old threadbare Bear, ha ha ha, called Drooley, who is the King. But he is a bit dumb so I can rule Plushiland while he is not looking. ha ha ha. Drooley does not suspect a thing. He is always so nice to everyone.
 King Drooley of Plushiland

 Fortunatley, the Kingdom of Plush, or Plushiland is not a democracy. Horrible word, all EQUAL  and all that. how unnatural. Then again all the animals in Plushiland have the same surname, VON PLUSH. The worst of it is that some of the animals that end but here have been found abandoned on the street. Who knows what their heritage is. But then again. I draft them all into my army, to help me take over the world. That is all I can manage today. tail is tired form jumping on the key.

I will let you have my next rant as soon as something is not to my liking. Peasants.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Ratti Von Plush - Who am I?

After much consideration. I have decided as the true ruler of Plushiland to let you all know what I think of you. As far as I am concerned there is far to much attention paid to Teddy Bears, you would think that they were the only inhabitants of Plushliland. Well there are all sorts of other Creatures here too. I mean look at me I am a Kangaroo, and not a Rat. Ratti refers to my personality, or rather Plushinality. It is my plan to take over the world and enslave Teddy Bears.This is made a bit difficult by the fact that I am only about 15 cm tall. But then they say dynamite comes in small packages. In that case I must he C4.ha ha ha.

Oh by the way if there any spelling mistakes,too bad I am only 10 years old. and it is realy difficlut typing with no fingers. But I put my tail to good use as you can see. Basically I intent to broadcast my desires to you lot. And when I do not get what I want I will complain, and you can read all about my complaints (Raves here). I am not talking about Raves - parties were you lot took drugs and danced and sweated the place up. Besides those parties all died out be fore I WAS BORN. so Before Ratti - also knwo as BR.

I know that I woke up in Stansted in November 2003. I found myslef stuffed into a backpack and taken on an easy jet or rhyn air flight to Berlin. I cannot remember which, but they are both equally marveloous for a traveling Plushi. You may wonder what a Plushi is. Well comes from the German word: Pl├╝sch.
Basically the stuff that soft/cuddly toys are made. Plush and FLuff. We will get to the importance of FLuff later.

Ratti Von Plush