Saturday, 30 August 2014

No Education, WE are PLushis

Ratti von Plush greets you his faithful HUMAN followers. It has come to my attention that certain Plushi-Rodents have been sneaking off to school. We do not generally encourage Plushis to get educated.
Plushi off to School
Red Ratti on Public transport

Red Ratti in the Park

We only really approve of Margi's Finishing School. It is very important that Plushi do not become too educated. The next thing you know they will stop believing in the Great Plushi in the Skye. As the High Priest I will be out of one of my jobs.

Secondly, education always leads to the ruled starting to question the rulers right to rule. What non-sense. But it seems that the two were more interested in a day-out of Plushiland than actual education. They soon lost interest, so the risk to my authority has passed.

Dictators do not like education or other ideas, just ask Mr Putin. Fortuantely we so not have any Russian-Plushis in Plushiland, otherwise I imagine we would have tanks at the borders of PLushiland too.

In the last few weeks we have had two new Plushis join PLushiland. Miss Geegee and Mr Biber, no not that irritating twink/twit-singer. Both Plushis came from flea markets. Poor Miss Geegeee [the HUMAN says you spell it "Zhi-Zhi"] had been waiting so long for a home, she had given up hope on ever finding friends. We had to wash the fleas off her. Mr Biber has joined PLushiland's other two beavers, Biebie and Armani (originally from Italy), in the Plushiland Beavers Union (not banned yet).

Mr Biber von Plush hard at work

Miss Geegee / Zhi-Zhi after her wash. Had her hair done too.

The Horrible HUMANS in England are getting ready to kill this year's condemmed Badgers. I can only repeat what I said last year. MURDERERS!
I might find myself in London next month on a State Visit and would like to give that HUMAN, David Cameron, a piece of my FLuff-Mind. Nasty MANN.

HUMAN you may carry ME. See I have more influence with the European Union that that David Cameron, HUMAN

Ratti Von Plush,
Great Liberal
PLUSHI Resources Director,
Keeper of the FLYFF,
DIAMOND Collector,
King of Salford,
Lord Protector of Plushiland,
Pontifex Maximus of the Great Plushi in the Sky,
Lord President of the Privy Council of Plushiland,
Grand Vizier (AY AY AY),
Office of the King,
Plushi Towers,

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