Monday, 15 July 2013

Ratti's NSA has Problems with Fluffi-Leaks and Tedward Snowbear

Julius Bear - Founder of Fluffi-Leaks, Hiding from me in a Basket.

 Today I have to report that I have been having problems with the organisation called Fluffi-Leaks. Fluffi-Leaks is like your human Wiki-Leaks. I am having the same problems here in Plushiland. Fluffi-Leaks founder Julius Bear has revealed that the NSA (Never Seek Asylum)- Plushi-Division has been spying on the citizens of Plushiland. And although Julius Bear is holed up somewhere in a box he is still causing problems for me, the Mighty Ratti.

Tedward Snowbear, of NSA - Plushi-division in hiding in Plushsia
Not only that but now one of my NSA workers (Tedward Snowbear) has run away and is hiding out in an airport in Plushsia.Nobody had seen him for weeks. All of a sudden he puts out of the woodwork and says that I, Ratti am a tyrant and Despot. Such a cheek considering that I employed him to keep Plushiland same from the danger - Real not made up, I promise - of Bear-Terror Acts. You really cannot trust anybody now a days can you?
Agents of Never Seek Asylum (NSA) - Plushi-Division  From Back Left: Batti, Barti, Super Tigi, Pink-Piggie and Red-Ratti. Absent Tedward Snowbear!

Mr Snowbear has released the above picture through Fluffi-Leaks. So athlough I did not want to worry anybody about this.All the data that I have save from FLuff-book is very safe. I have not let any one else take a look. And if the Bears are not planning anything that I do not like (also known as illegal) then they have nothing to worry about surely. I am a good guy. I might have unlimited power, but I use it with care and only to protect Plushiland. I have asked Plushsia to return Snowbear to me for questioning and if found guilty, De-Fluffing, all his fluff will be removed! You get the picture. The Euro-Fluffy countries have been very helpful and have said if Snowbear comes into there Plush-space they will arrest him and send him to me... So I think I have got this one sorted. Snowbear is a traitor and needs to be punished to fullness of my wrath. I am only trying to protect our Plushi way of life from Terror. 
Edna von Plush, wearing Ratti's Jewelry

While I have been posing for official photos, to be released soon,on stamps and what not; Edna has been wearing my jewelry.

 Everyone is against me today. "Off with their heads", as a dear friend of my, the Red Queen (Queen of Hearts), from Alice in Wonderland used to say. Before she was her self replaced. If you want to advice on how to be an evil Queen/Ruler. Take a look at Regina from "Once Upon a Time"

Regina, the EVIL Queen from Once Upon A Time

Enough of this, Matters of State require my attention.

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