Friday, 2 August 2013

Royal Brussels Trip - Diplomatic Briefing

In my last post I said we were on a Royal Visit to Brussels. We had so many appointments that I did not have time to post anything. So I will provide you with an update, as I am sure you would all like to know how it went. I have published some photos on my facebook page. SO GO AND LOOK!!!

The trip was okay, unfortunately I did not travel alone, Edna was not carsick for a change and did not use the car as a sandbox. She is not a good traveller, so we had to stop off for her to go to the FLuff-WC.

On Day two of my visit we went to the seaside. We took a local with us, our host, Blue-sie Bee. But he did not really know what was happening and complained about getting his PLush wet and the hot sun. A real cry-bee if you ask me. Anyway we were staying at his house so we had to be nice. grr grr

 Once we got to the seaside. We had out photo shoot. But all the others wanted to be in my photos and worse they wanted their own photos. I insisted on having some private photos taken. The photographer agreed after I threatened to have him de-Flufed.
Here you see Count Eccles (Orange Ribbon), King Drooley (blue T-shirt), Blue-sie Bee, Right Hon. Tollie(Brown Otter), Lady Edna (Roo with Blue jumper) and ME (Might Ratti Von Plush), sitting on our travel bag.

 Here is one of my private photos. See how the yellow matches my new green ribbon of office. Across the see you can get to Engl-Plush. Famous for it Bankkers, and other fatcats.

After the photoshoot we had to spend several hours in the boot of the car. It was very hot in our travel bag. But all Plushis go to sleep immediately it is dark. Edna kept poking here tail in my eye. And the silly Bee kept complaining. On the trip back, the idiot humans did not let us sit in the car again. wE HAD  to stay in the boot/truck for the retunr trip to Brusels. Off with their HEAds!!!

oF YES we did have FLuff-Falafels in Pita before we were locked in the car. I am sure those fluffies working at the shop had dirty paws because, Edna got car sick on the way back as well. The again she is nearly always sick in the car. SO all in all not the best day out for me.

 Photo of my new official robes of state, as have been published on my facebook page. Notice how Edna and Tollie are trying to get in on the action. I had to fire the photographer after all. He was rather dumn even for a Teddy Bear.
Imagine my surprise and disgust when I woke after the horrible trip to find that there was a new member of Plushi-Land. This is in spite of my edict against additional immigrants. What really worries me is that he is sooo Cute. I really hate the competition. I will have to dream up some assignment for him in some dark corner of Plushi-Towers. Maybe the basement where he is never seen again. ha ha ha. His name is Carre Four Von Plush and he only speaks Franco-Fluff. And rattles on about Common Agricultural Policy, or something like that. He has a number of friends here, being a Disney. His Cousin Chou-Chou, who has been around here for years, has always irritated my FLuFF (my insides). He has always been a burr in my FLuFF.
 After a days rest I had my official meeting at the European Parliament on Fluffday (Friday). Just to remind you dear reader I am only 10 years old, and spelling is not my thing.

Me waiting for the EU Representative, who was late by the way. Notice how I am being carried on hands by the Humans. They know their place. By the way I do know the difference between their and there, were and where. But do you???? Hey hEY?

See I am wearing my Green Ribbon of office. I did not tell the rest of my travel companions about my meeting. Only Edna, and she was not allowed to come. The carry bag was too small. besides she needed to rest after the night before. SHe had still not recovered form all the FLush-Beer and VOdka Red-Fluff-bulls she had had the previous night out. Meeting the wild Plushies of Brussels.

Me at the Window, looking down on the peasants. Also known as Humans.
 Me walking up the stairs to the meeting.

 Me waiting to speak to the delegates in the EU Parliament.

Talking my place as Representative of Plushi-Land in the European Parliment. Had to have a Fluff-poo on Nigel Farage's desk. ha ha . Down with Euro-Plush Sceptics!!!

Sitting on the CHairman's seat. Addressing the Chamber. Having a well earned lunch at the European Parliament Canteen.

 All this is mine, mine, mine!

I asked the Euro-Plush Parlaiament for money. Here me and the shredded pre-Euro currency. But Seems there is no money for East Plushiland after all. Seems everything has gone to the Brit-Plush rebate and the new PLushi's from Croat-FLuff. At least I got my lunch for free.

This concludes my Diplomatic Briefing of my trip to the Euro-Plush Parliament.

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