Thursday, 18 July 2013

Plushi-Towers, Plushia - Off to Jail, DemocraFluff

The Humans who share myspace here continue to hang there wet shirts in front of PLushi-Towers. It is either things that have been washed or even worse shirts that have been worn to work (not sure what work means, sounds bad, worse than me). Really this INDIGNITY must stop at once. I have just signed an executive order in this regard.

And in other news in Plushia - King (I mean President) Pushtin (my hero) has sent another HUMAN to Jail for disagreeing with him. Now that is what I call power. Just like I said last time "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS". The Plushies in Plushiland have it far better than the HUMANS in Plushia. President Plushtin has rewritten the Book on DemocraFluff. OH Well. I am also trying for Ratti Von Plush to be Grand Vizier for life. Just like they have it in Plushia, with the strong HUMAN, President Plushtin. Now if he would only send Tedward Snowbear back to me, to stand trial. In an open and fair process, the way they have in Plushia, all order will be restored. Enjoy your DemocraFluff - while it lasts - assuming there is any left. Soon DemocraFluff, will be deFluffed.
De-Fluffing, is not nearly as attractive.

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