Thursday, 3 October 2013

Teddy Bears' Tea Party

Teddy Bears' Tea Party 3rd Plush-tober

Last time I posted I mentioned that I had to organise The Teddy Bears' Tea Party. This is an annual event that starts at the end of September and lasts for 15 days. The Tea Party is held each year in commemoration of the Marriage of Prince Wittel-Plush of Bavaria-Plushi and the Countess Olivia of Austro-Plushi. The happy Bear Prince invited selected members of the Bear Community of Bavaria-Plush to a Tea Party to celebrate his wedding. This was a good many Plushi-Years ago.
Holy Bear Tea Set, with DIAMONDS

Not only is The Teddy Bears' Tea Party a celebration where many large cups of Fluff-Tea are consumed by the Bears, The Teddy Bears' Tea Party is also an important religious event in Plushiland. The Bears get together to celebrate our deity The Great Plushi in the Sky. As I, Ratti Von Plush am the Pontifex Maximus (High Priest) of the Great Plushi in the Sky. And no the Great Plushi in the Sky IS NOT A BEAR. So it is no problem that I as a non-Bear I am the High Priest. Everybody thinks the Great Plushi in the Sky is LIKE them. The Bears think IT is a Bear. The Bunnies think IT is a Bunny. But the Wise Plushis All agreed the Great Plushi in the Sky is a KANGAROO, or at LEAST A DISNEY.
I tried to make Edna stay at home, but she seems to go every where I do. There is not getting away from Edna.

Edna and Ratti (in Holy Cloak)
Cloak with DIAMONDS

One of my jobs is to organise and preside at the Teddy Bears Tea Party. So I have to wear my religious robes. Notice how I have put your DIAMOND contributions to good use, decorating my Holy Cloak of Office. We in Plushiland have DIAMONDS and FLUFF, so our government has not shut down. Our Tea Party, really is a PARTY, not like in the USA. Imagine if we did not want to pay for the treatment of sick Plushis here in Plushiland. The way the HUMAN Tea Party in the USA wants people to DIE if cannot pay of medical attention. But obviously only BAD HUMANS lose their jobs and then have no Medical Aid.

Bears, Bears and More Bears

Teddy Bears from the Surveillance Photo

Today is also an important day for another reason. Today we celebrate the re-unification of East Plushiland with West Plushiland. This happened in 1990, after the East Plushis had been under the yoke of the evil, anti-capitalist, Bearists. [YOU HUMANS had something similiar with the communists in East Germany.] So today the 3rd of Plush-tober is a Holiday in Plushiland. Except for me, I always have to work. No rest for the ME.

Bat NSA keeping an Eye on the BEARS

Even at the Teddy's Tea Party, I Need to keep order. That is why I had my Bat-NSA - secret service, watch what the Bears were up to. You never know what might happen at a Bear Religious Event.

After the Tea Party some members of the Plushiland Elite had a Private Reception on the Royal Balcony. Special Guest was Miss P-Bear (holding the red heart).
From left, back: King Drooley, Lady Liberty, Miss P-Bear, Count Eccles, Lady Edna (always following me), Ratti Von Plush.

Ratti Von Plush
Pontifex Maximus of the Great Plushi in the Sky
Lord President of the Privy Council of Plushiland
Grand Vizier (AY AY AY)
Office of the King
Plushi Towers

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