Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Princes Georges of Brit-Plush, Not More Bears

Ratti Von Plush
It seems that those Bears in Brit-Plush have been very busy. While I was away on my official tour to Brussels the Royal Bear Family of Brit-Plush have added to their family. As I have said before I am of the opinion that there are more than enough Bears in the whole as it is, so we really do not need anymore. But there is just no stopping Bears.

I know it is about two weeks after the news hit the world headlines, and those Brit-Plushis have made such a fuss of their addition. I mean it is not like they are a Democra-Fluff, what with a ruling class of Queen and King Bears. Happily our own King Drooley is no relation of this lot.

In this picture on the right you can see Prince William Brit-Plush and Lady Kate. Then the three young Princes, two Bears and a Squirrel. It seems that the royals always need a spare so there are three Prince Georgies: No1, No2 and No3. The Squirrel seems to have jumped through the open window of the Nursery. Now nobody is sure if he is a royal Prince or not. And because red squirrels are endeanged in Brit-Plush they cannot just throw him out. So now there are three possible Prince Georges. It is always a bit difficult with the Royal Brit-PLushis to say who the father or even the mother is. Also Bears can give birth to Squirrels in Plushiland. Nothing strange there.

Notice the Royal Gauards in the middle of the picture and on the left Members of the Commonwealth, celebrating the Birth: South Africa, Australia, Canada. Other Commonwealth Bears were not around at the time. Notice how Scotland-Plush is going his own way.

The picture below shows the new arrival with Silver Spoons and Scotland changing his position.

 I am not sure if I will be invited to the Christening of the Princes, but I am not that bothered really. Enough to keep me busy here in Plushiland.

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