Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Badgers, Police and Democracy/Democra-Fluff

According to the guardian.see link the Police are passing protesters's [against the killing of BADGERS] details over to the Farmer's Union in the UK. Gosh, now that is really surprising.

Just like my Bat NSA, tells me what the Teddy Bears are up to in Plushiland. And how do you think I know what is going on in the HUMAN WORLD. I get reports from all my Plushi-Spies [obviously not Teddy Bears - they like HUMANS too much. Real case of Stockholm Syndrome] in your HUMAN HOUSES. Anyway, the police here in Plushiland would not support the killing of Badgers. The Organs of the state saying "Please, no I am just doing my job", that excuse cannot be used since the Second HUMAN World War, or Apartheid in South Africa.

Is it just me? Or are some [one does need to be reasonable and not imply ALL] Police particularly nasty. In UK, Shooting innocent people, killing people at demonstrations [okay one HUMAN and he had a weak heart, well he did after he was pushed by the policeman]. So supporting the killing of BADGERS seems the next step....At recent protests in Frankfurt, Germany the police were also a bit over keen to protect commercial interests.

Of course WE do not have protests in Plushiland. Everyone is happy with OUR Non-Democratic System in Plushiland. We have a ruling Council, the Privy Council that represents the needs of all Plushis, so they do not have to worry about Democra-Fluff. We have a perfect system here. Non- Represenatitive Plushi Democra-Fluff (NRPDF).
Privy Council serves the needs of all Plushis

Bit like HUMAN China, okay that is much more complicated. I cannot be bothered to find out anyway. I am very busy, I have to arrange a Teddy Bears's Tea Party. UGH how horrible. Silly Bears and their religion.

I also need to send my best wished to the old [double meaning intentional] and new Germany Queen, Angie, the First of that Name.
What the Greek Papers think

Will she rule longer than Baroness, Margaret Thatcher, the First of England? At least MT had policies......The statement does not imply that Ratti Von Plush supports these Policies.

Speaking of Democa-Fluff, I had  long meeting, at the weekend with the God-King, Tutankhamun. Or Rather his Plushi Counterpart, King Tuti-Bear, from Manchester, England. Tuti had some good ideas, about things like slavery and so on.... Tuti also had a Grand Vizier, AY. [so I am in good company as King Drooley's Grand Vizier] And it is simply not true that the Grand Vizier killed the King, Tuti.

King Tuti Bear, Ratti Von Plush and Edna as the Scribe

Maybe Having God Kings has put the Egyptians off Democra-Fluff permanently?Too soon? Too Late?

I visited the Plushi Aristocracy at weekend in Disney Mews.
Ratti Von Plush and Edna visit the Disney Mews, home of the Plushi Aristocracy. Few Bears!

There have been some complaints that religion is not mentioned enough in my posts. So I am now naming myself, the Pontifex Maximus of the Great Plushi in the Sky. [This is why I have to organise the Teddy Bears's Tea Party] I have this very original IDEA, I am hoping to use religion to control the Teddy Bears, not sure if it will work.

Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Professor Woody studies SCIENCE
Oh Yes, HUMANS you are supposed to actually follow the links I have added to this post. It is to help educated YOU.

  I am not doing this for my health but wealth send the DIAMONDS to:

Ratti Von Plush
Pontifex Maximus of the Great Plushi in the Sky
Lord President of the Privy Council of Plushiland
Grand Vizier (AY AY AY)
Office of the King
Plushi Towers

PS if you find any spelling or grammar mistakes, remember Engrish is not my first language. Email corretions to: von.plush@googlemail.com or seem me on facebook: Ratti Von Plush I want to be YOUR friend.

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