Monday, 5 August 2013

Heat Wave

Since our return from Brussels the PLushis have been suffering terribly beacuse of this heat wave. You HUMANS have it so each you can take off your clothes. We are covered in PLUSH and FIlled with Fluff and some even have pellets inside them. Think of us while you are gannetting down ice-cream and cold drinks. All we can do is still very still and hope that someone closes the curtains or turns on a fan. We had hoped for rain this weekend, but nothing came. Of course we do not like to get wet, as our fur gets messed up and our insides go funny. Here is PLushiland, we get washed far too often by the HUMAN. One word for it INDIGNITY!!!! WE PLUSHIs demand respect and freedom from washing machines.

Here are Tollie and Edna trying to keep cool. I have already posted these pictures on facebook, but there are very cute, even for them.

Finally, I forgot to post a picture of the European Chicken, I met on my travels to Brusells. So in order to maintain good diplomatic with the EU, I am now posting the picture.
European Chicken, and not a Lame Duck
My portrait will now appear on all my posts.

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