Friday, 20 September 2013

Design a Flag Competition for Plushiland

King Drooley, the First of that Name, of Plushiland. My BOSS?

South African Flag
King Drooley has instructed me to run a “Design a Flag for Plushiland” completion. Basically we need a flag for our country. No Underpants design like the South African flag.

Democracy is one thing, taste clearly is another. Democracy is not to my taste, but that is just me. I am a little dictator with big plans. Anyway we need a flag, so get on and design one. I told King Drooley that you HUMANS are both too dumb and too lazy to design a flag. If there are no suitable suggestions from YOU, by the 15
 th day, of the 10th month, in the year of our Great Plushi in the SKY, 2013; then I will put something forward. We are still using the HUMAN calendar, soon to be replaced by the year of the RATTI. Also known as the Rattorian Calendar, which started in 2003. So 2013 is the 10th year of The Ratti. Email your designs to Obviously you assign all legal rights to the design to me, Ratti Von Plush when you send me anything.....ha ha ha.... I am on Facebook as Ratti Von Plush. be my friend...

The first prize is: not being sent to a Plushian Gulag. The prize has been generously sponsored by President Pushtin of PLUSHIA. I believe in the Carrot and Stick, but without the Carrots, obviously. 

Ratti Von Plush,
Lord President of the Privy Council & Grand Vizier,
Office of the King,
Plushi Towers,

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