Thursday, 27 November 2014

Happy Rattember (November), Happy Birthday to ME

Greetings. November is a month of Birthdays. On the 9th of November the Germans commemorated how the Berlin Wall came down 25 years ago on the 9 November 1989. This was long before We, the Great Ratti Von Plush was born/stitched. So not that important as it was BR (Before Ratti). Then two days later We celebrated our Birthday, on 11 November. (Rattember as the month has been renamed in Plushi-Land.) We celebrated in our usual way by being given DIAMONDS. 

We am now 11 in HUMAN years (but do not tell Facebook as they think We are older), And about 31 in Plushi years. There are about three Plushi years to each HUMAN year. King Drooley also celebrated his birthday this month, but We cannot remember the date or how old he is, he looks rather thread Bear, but Bears do not age well, unlike us, Kangaroos.

Rattember Birthdays, King Drooley and Ratti von Plush

King Drooley Birthday listening to Adventures of Paddingtion

Have you seen the clip of Two of our Cousins Fighting. We think they were fighting over DIAMONDs, so greedy. We could use a few Battle-Roos to take over the world. Another Cousin of mine, Zippi has escaped from a farm in Brandenburg in East German. As you might know Kangaroos are not really native to Germany, and seeing it is rather cold, she might not survive. We are hoping that she is found quickly, as she has a six month old baby with her (called a ROO). There are HUMANS out looking for them, but HUMANS are not that clever.
No further Cuteness allowed!

Then it seems that a town in Poland has decided that Pooh-Bear is not appropriate for HUMAN Children because he/she is gender neutral and shock horror does not wear trousers. Well, We know a few Poohs and they seem very suited to children!
No Trousers or Pants.
 News of another celebrity BEAR, the Paddington's Film is to be released in the next few days. Trailer on Youtube. We really think that BEARs are always hogging the lime/spotlight. Needs to be more films about Kangaroos and DIAMONDS. Well affairs of state demand my attention. We Need to get on the phone to Luxembourg to sort out a special DIAMOND tax deal.

Art work from the Book
Finally, a Great HUMAN Friend of Plushiland, has written a book all about talking animals, called the Radiant Hearts of Badgers, as you Know WE love Badgers in Plushiland, the book is available on Kindle.

Ratti Von Plush

Great Liberal
PLUSHI Resources Director,
Keeper of the FLYFF,
DIAMOND Collector,
King of Salford,
Lord Protector of Plushiland,
Pontifex Maximus of the Great Plushi in the Sky,
Lord President of the Privy Council of Plushiland,
Grand Vizier (AY AY AY),
Office of the King,
Plushi Towers,

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