Thursday, 20 March 2014

Rattis South African Safari

Ratti and Edna examine local curremcy

Ratti finds a DIAMOND mine

Ratti and Edna in Jungle of Johannesburg

Plushiland Royal delegation resting at Royal Guesthouse

More jungle
After many hours on British Airways Planes or rather in the cargo hold. We arrived in South Africa. There were far too many delays and we arrived late at both Heathrow and Johannesburg Airport. Fortunately we were sleeping all the time. So missed all the screaming HUMAN kids in the passenger part of the plane. Our HUMAN has to travel cattle class, bit like a battery chicken. But there you go. We have been resting and meeting with locals in Johannesburg. Much hotter an drier than we are used to back in Plushiland.

The internet connection here is really not what we are used to. Very slow. The pictures will have to wait until later. This silly tablet is being difficult about uploading my photos, but I will post them when I am less busy. So that is why layout not as brilliant as usual.

Ratti Von Plush
In South Africa.

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