Thursday, 17 April 2014

Holy Days in Plushiland - Easter for HUMANS

Lady Margi Von Plush addresses Easter Bunnies

NSA Red-Ratti btm right and notice Prince George (Squirrel) who now thinks he is a Bunny.
For some HUMANS, you will shortly be having your Easter, and other Holy Days. We in Plushiland will be having one of our Holy days as well. This is another day dedicated to our Lord, the Great Plushi In the SKYE. At this time of the year we also commemorate all those Easter Bunnies Plushis that managed to escape from the abuse of HUMAN Easter. The Lady Margi Von Plush addressed a gathering of Easter Plush Bunnies this afternoon. She asked them to think of the poor Easter Plushis still remaining in captivity in the HUMAN world. And of course all the real Rabbits that are kept in tiny cages by Bratty HUMAN Kids!

Just to make sure that there were no political overtones to the meeting, I, Ratti Von Plush attended and watched from the Royal Basket. You will notice that my evil Cousin, Red-Ratti Von PLush was also present. As a member of the NSA he advises me on any subversive matters. I am happy to report that Lady Margi did not call on the Bunnies to revolt against me and set up their own, Bunny Plushi Republic or Join the Kingdom of Pushtin. But you can never be too careful. As tyrants all over the world, know all too well.

Plushiland has a new resident, he is some sort of Owl-like creature called, Edragardia Von Plush. He turned up late last night. Because of the lateness of the hour, he did not receive the normal welcome. But instead spend the night with other Plushis from the Union of Feather Plushis. Edragardia did have to have immediate eye surgery this afternoon. So those locals complaining of immigrants getting all the medical attention might have a Flyff. Anyway Edragardia has made a full recovery and will be able to take part in our Great PLushi in the Skye Celebrations this weekend.
Union of Feathered Plushis greets Edragardia

Edragardia Von Plush

Finally spare a thought for all the chocolate bunnies that you eat at Easter. Also you might want to celebrate life by not killing and Eating LAMBS at Easter. Just a thought, but what do I know about Cruelty and Life and Death.

On a positive note, the Royal Balcony has finally been renovated and I can now address the Serfs from my new Balcony.

Ratti and Edna on new Royal Balcony

Ratti Von Plush
DIAMOND Collector,
King of Salford,
Lord Protector of Plushiland,
Pontifex Maximus of the Great Plushi in the Sky,
Lord President of the Privy Council of Plushiland,
Grand Vizier (AY AY AY),
Office of the King,
Plushi Towers,

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