Friday, 18 April 2014

Easter Delayed - Easter Bunny gone AWOL

His Grace Ratti lets it be known that a late entry postal delivery yesterday came from Delicato Von Plush, who is unfortunately held up in the Jungles of Chrysanmasomething. Some stupid flower! Any way the lazy Easter Bunny is APPARENTLY delayed. I think he just wants to not perform his ceremonial duties for the Great Plushi in The SKYE on Sunday.
Delicato Von PLush in the Jungle. I demand my BONUS!!!!
He is AWOL, says he has worked overtime the whole year and demands a performance BONUS. Bonus by my FLYFF I think not.

Ratti Von Plush,
PLUSHI Resources Director,
Keeper of the FLYFF,
DIAMOND Collector,
King of Salford,
Lord Protector of Plushiland,
Pontifex Maximus of the Great Plushi in the Sky,
Lord President of the Privy Council of Plushiland,
Grand Vizier (AY AY AY),
Office of the King,
Plushi Towers,

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