Thursday, 11 July 2013

Too Many Plushis

Everytime I turn my back another creature seems to have moved in to Plushitowers. I have insisted on a moratorium on new teddys, but nobody seems to paying me the slightest attention. If that is not bad enough, then take turns sleeping in my bed. FOr the last three nights it has been that silly Tollie (Otter) and Tigron - the TiGER.
Tollie and Tigron

Of course Disneys are better than other creatures. I am a Disney too of course. So we are the ruling class. But it seem that nearly all the animals here seem to think that they are the ruling class. There are a whole lot of pompous teddies from England. They are too high and might and so not speak to any of the other animals here.BUt they always have their noses in the air. Just because they come form Hamlys or Harrods. Well I come from Stansted, and that did not stop me from becoming King Ratti. Well actually there is this silly, old threadbare Bear, ha ha ha, called Drooley, who is the King. But he is a bit dumb so I can rule Plushiland while he is not looking. ha ha ha. Drooley does not suspect a thing. He is always so nice to everyone.
 King Drooley of Plushiland

 Fortunatley, the Kingdom of Plush, or Plushiland is not a democracy. Horrible word, all EQUAL  and all that. how unnatural. Then again all the animals in Plushiland have the same surname, VON PLUSH. The worst of it is that some of the animals that end but here have been found abandoned on the street. Who knows what their heritage is. But then again. I draft them all into my army, to help me take over the world. That is all I can manage today. tail is tired form jumping on the key.

I will let you have my next rant as soon as something is not to my liking. Peasants.

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