Tuesday, 23 July 2013

On My Summer Holiday

I will be visiting Bruss-Fluff this week for my summer Holidays. It is royal visit as I am representing Plushiland at The Royal happening here In human Brussels. King Drooley, Count Eccles, The Lady Edna and The Right Hon. Tollie

Honourable Tollie all used the Royal coach to be in Brussels for the royal festivities.       :-) I am also hoping to get some much needed funding from the European Union of Plush. But with the English-plushies always wanting their money back not sure if anythinf left for the underdeveloped parts of East Plushiland. All the Fluff-Euros are going to pay those fat cat British bankers. hate them..... must dash got to buy Fluff chocolate for the peasants back in Plushiland. not freedom from the NSA. but given them chocolate. at least I am better than dear old, M-Antoinnet, the old Austrian Bat. she offered Cake but gave none. So it was off with her head and now we still have problems with the plushi peasants. I am giving chocolate and circuses. just like The old Roman Emperors. well they gave moulding bread and rotten grain. My Flyff chocolate always calms the masses. messes

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