Monday, 8 July 2013

Ratti Von Plush - Who am I?

After much consideration. I have decided as the true ruler of Plushiland to let you all know what I think of you. As far as I am concerned there is far to much attention paid to Teddy Bears, you would think that they were the only inhabitants of Plushliland. Well there are all sorts of other Creatures here too. I mean look at me I am a Kangaroo, and not a Rat. Ratti refers to my personality, or rather Plushinality. It is my plan to take over the world and enslave Teddy Bears.This is made a bit difficult by the fact that I am only about 15 cm tall. But then they say dynamite comes in small packages. In that case I must he C4.ha ha ha.

Oh by the way if there any spelling mistakes,too bad I am only 10 years old. and it is realy difficlut typing with no fingers. But I put my tail to good use as you can see. Basically I intent to broadcast my desires to you lot. And when I do not get what I want I will complain, and you can read all about my complaints (Raves here). I am not talking about Raves - parties were you lot took drugs and danced and sweated the place up. Besides those parties all died out be fore I WAS BORN. so Before Ratti - also knwo as BR.

I know that I woke up in Stansted in November 2003. I found myslef stuffed into a backpack and taken on an easy jet or rhyn air flight to Berlin. I cannot remember which, but they are both equally marveloous for a traveling Plushi. You may wonder what a Plushi is. Well comes from the German word: Pl├╝sch.
Basically the stuff that soft/cuddly toys are made. Plush and FLuff. We will get to the importance of FLuff later.

Ratti Von Plush

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