Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Animal Spies

Ratti visits Middle Eastern Plushiland

I have been away from Plushi Towers for a while, as I was on an official visit to Middle Eastern Plushiland. I used the time to visit my Squirrel Spy Training Centre. 
Squirrel Spy, know as "MRS", in action. Collecting Data Nuts

I already have my Bat NSA.

The BBC reports that HUMANS have been using animals as spies for a long time, it started with German Pigeons in 1908, used to take pictures. In 2007 the Iranians arrested 14 American Squirrel Spies close to a nuclear plant. My squirrels are far cleverer and besides they are invisible most of the time, so nobody can seen them anyway. Ha ha ha. Who is a clever Ratti then? ME ME ME.

The Americans wanted to use a cat to spy on the Russians, but unfortunately it was run over by a car on its first day on the job.(typical lazy Cat anything not to work!).  I cannot get that stupid Kitty Von Plush to do anything of the sort.
Kitty Von Plush, My ENEMY
She is such a lazy
thing. To be fair my relationship with Kitty has always been a bit strained, because we both HATE each other. HATE at first sight!

And she has not even managed to get herself run over by my Royal Carriage yet, probably because I do not have my Royal Carriage as yet.
Ratti's Royal Coach on Order

Those Diamond donations for "Abandoned HUMAN Relationship Plushis" Fund have been a bit slow in arriving. Just to remind you what to send me. DIAMONDS.
Apparently quite Waluable.

Well if you want to read about other horrible stories of how HUMANS have been abusing animals as spies and killers, read the BBC link for yourself.  At least I do not kill my operatives the way you HUMANS seem to do. Anyway I am bored now, of entertaining you useless HUMANS. So go do something useful, like sending me DIAMONDS for the "Abandoned HUMAN Relationship Plushis’s Fund"

And finally give a thought for all the poor PLUSHIS who share your beds at night. And when you release wind (I think it is called farting) the poor PLUSHI cannot breathe and their Fluff melts.

Ratti Von Plushi
Grand Vizier
Office of the King
Plushi Towers

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