Friday, 20 September 2013

Last Polar Bear Dies in Zoo 2043

If you HUMANS do not start doing something about Global Warming, then this is the headline your Grandchildren will receive via their neural implants, powered by Apple, in the year 2043. Read Guardian article yourself. Obviously there are too many bears in Plushiland, but easch one is precious in the HUMAN WORLD. Contrac-Ratti but such is PLUSH/life.

Yes I know the American Right does not believe in Global Warming, and the Chinese govt. does not care about it, but it is still a problem. Each year the polar ice becomes thinner and more scattered. The Poor Polar Bears have to swim between the ice sheets often for many miles. [Often the distances are too far, and they are already weakened by lack of food and so they drown. All because you need two cars per household, try walking to the shop. The COWS, you so love to eat produce, so much CO2, that they are one of the biggest sources of CO2-Carbon Dioxide. And of course the production of all you unnecessary “CONSUMER GOODS”.] 

I love only DIAMONDS,
Edna Von Plush and Ratti Von Plush love DIAMONDS

because as Dame Shirley Bassy sings “TheDIAMONDS linger” 

Seems I got distracted. And obviously the Baby Polar Bears are most at risk of drowning because they are so small and cannot swim as far and so as long as their mothers can.
Photos by Ian Brown, montage by Jeremy Young
 BBC Polar Bear Documentary link. See You Tube

Soon enough the only Polar Bears will be in Zoos – not a place you would choose to life – it if it was your last hope. 

The Late, Great, Knut. Rest in Peace. Love Ratti and Plushiland

There is the sad story of KNUT – the polar bear that was born in Berlin in 05.12.2006. His mother rejected him and the zoo decided to hand rear KNUT. But some of you HUMANS said he should be killed right away. He had a very devoted ersatz [replacement for those who do not understand German-Plushi] mother, Thomas Dorflein. Knut was very cute and many thousands of people visited the zoo and it collected piles of DIAMONDS, oh sorry money. Knut’s HUMAN parent died suddenly of heart failure on 22.09.2008. Knut died on 19.03.2011. He had some sort of fit and was found drowned in his enclosure. 

Very sad, but the KNUT saga does demonstrate the plight of Polar Bears, and that animals in Zoos, even with the best attention often die because it is not their natural environment. And HUMANS are horrible.

Fortunately, there are some polar bears in Plushiland, and they will survive, as their Fluff-ice will not melt.
Forstie Von Plush and Baby, Plushiland Polar Bears

Ratti Von Plush,
Lord President of the Privy Council & Grand Vizier,
Office of the King,
Plushi Towers,


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  2. Man Killed by Tiger in German ZOO on Friday. See I TOLD YOU, a ZOO is NO Place for animals. At least the Tiger will not be De-Fluffed and Stuffed. Poor HUMAN too.