Friday, 13 September 2013

First Asylum Seekers Arrive

Bud the Badger escapes in Backpack

The first Badger Asylum Seekers, attempting to escape the killing and destruction of their homes in England, arrived in Plushiland this yesterday.  Plushiland has agreed to accept all Badgers that are able to escape the slaughter in their homeland.Farmers, Hunters and other Tories [The Nasty Party] in England continue to murder defenseless Badgers. Trying to shoot them through the heart, so they do not suffer (SIC). To show that this is nothing other than a Hunting party (The previous Labour govt of the UK [under the marvellous Tony Blair] stopped Landowners’s [read Tory] Fun of hunting and shooting foxes.) In desperation to shoot something, they have now decided to kill the Badgers. It is apparently to see if shooting badgers will reduce TB in Cows. But listen to this, the bodies of the killed Badgers will not be tested for TB. So really it is about how many Badgers can be killed [for no reason-other than we like killing things.]in the shortest possible time. And now the some of the Welch farmers are sulking because they too wanted to kill Badgers, but the court said “no”. But they still want their turn, to see if they can kill a Badger by shooting it through the heart “not to cause it any suffering”.

You HUMANS truly are very strange. Your ideologies always overrule your logic. You have your “SCIENCE” why do you not use it, to solve the TB problem. Oh no wait, you like to use your SCIENCE to kill each other. And if HUMANS are killing their own kind, then I guess there is not much hope that they will stop killing animals. And the job of a Farmer is to kill things for a living (Cows, pigs, Sheep, horses, goats, foxes, birds, chickens and now BADGERS). Blood Money I think you will find!

Privy Council of Plushiland
The Whole of the Privy Council of Plushiland, led by King Drooley and of course myself, Ratti, met the Badgers this yesterday afternoon. After which a special reception was held for the Asylum seekers. 

Privy Council welcomes Badgers from England

Plushiland has a long and honourable heritage in helping Plushis in need. You will recall the fund raising efforts for the “Abused Relationship Plushis” I am happy to report that we have received several DIAMOND donations for the Abused Relationship Plushis (ARP), but we have also set up a fund for the BADGERS.Our New Badgers will be housed in temporary housing for a week, before being given their own space in Plushi Towers. We also hope that they will be able to learn our Dialect soon. All Plushis speak Plushi, but there are obviously regional differences.
Plushiland's Badgers please support them
Diamonds collected for ARP


Ratti Von Plush
Lord President of the Privy Council & Grand Vizier
Office of the King
Plushi Towers

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