Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Blue Noses go to the Seaside

 While Ratti has been running around Plushiland trying to control everything, he has left the computer unguarded. So we have decided that we will share our holiday experiences with you. Our Names are Cheddar Blue Nose Von Plush (Mouse) and Essence Blue Nose Von Plush (Skunk). The Holiday started when we decided that Ratti would have to stay at home and that we would go to the seaside. Of course we had to be very clever about it otherwise he would have wanted to go and we would have had to stay at home.
So when nobody was looking we jumped into the backpack just as the HUMAN was leaving for the train station. Most Plushis go to sleep as soon as they are put in a dark place. But we were so excited that we did not go to sleep. Worried the whole time that Ratti would discover what we had done. And then he would have thrown us out of the bag and taken our place on the train. But we were able to make our getaway. I think it was because it was such a sudden trip and Ratti was in another part of Plushiland at the time. It was actually quite bumpy in the backpack, but not too uncomfortable. Once it became clear that Ratti would not catch us. We fell asleep before the train arrived. We woke up in this nice hotel room at the seaside. We tried out the bed, but it seemed a bit small. I think the cheap HUMAN had decided to take a cheap room. They seem to think that us Plushis will sleep in any old hotel room. It was clean but a bit basic. So we decided to look out the window and see what was happening.

 I think the HUMAN had a late night. But as we are Decent Plushis we went to bed as soon as it was dark and woke up as soon it was light the next morning. We were taken to the beach the next day. But as it was Brit-Plush this meant that the beech was covered in stones and not sand. Although we do not like sand, as it gets into our fur, we also do not like stones/pebbles as they are not soft to sit on. At least we did have our backpack to sit on. But we had to share the space with books and other useless things. As it was winter it was not too hot and we did not get dehydrated. It is difficult for us to re-hydrate as you cannot get Fluff-Water everywhere.

We spent another day at the seaside and then we went home again to Plushi-Towers. Ratti did not even know that we had been away. He was still hopping around trying to control everything. Not much has changed there. Hopefully we will see you all soon. And then we can tell you more stories. Much nicer stories than that horrible Ratti tells.

All the best  Cheddar and Essence.
We were at Brighton in Brit-Plush.

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