Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Robert MugaBear Wants It ALL

Robert MugaBear, wearing another Bear's HAT
My Erstwhile Dear Friend, Robert MugaBear has been in the news again. He has addressed his followers after declaring himself the winner of the recent elections in ZimBearwe. He is a very pretty bear and I can see why he has he is so popular, as I explained in my previous post. We know that he toke control of all farms not owned by Bears. He has decided that all business in ZimBearwe including the banks need to be owned and controlled by Bears only. He is taking about Affirmative Bearing. This means that only Bears can be in positions of power and own things (LIKE FLUFF).

While I do support his right to declare himself the Democrat-Fluff elected President for Life of ZimBearwe, I have a very big problem with him saying that only Bears can have Fluff/Stuff. As a Kangaroo and a Disney, I think his attitude is totally unacceptable. He has put Bear, Non-Bear Plushi relations back several years. I also think that perhaps he has not been as good for ZimBearwe's Plush-conomy as he would like us to think. In fact in 2009 he simply did away with the ZimBearwe Dollar because it was worthless. Many of his Bears have no FLuff to eat at all.

Due to these recent developments in ZimBearwe, I will not be meeting him at the Annual, Plushi-Despots, Tyrants and President's for Life conference in Syria-Bear next week. I think we will have to see what happens in term of the relations between Plushiland and ZimBearwe. But I think we might be re-entering the time of Lukewarm International Rat-lationships.

Ratti Von Plush

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