Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Elie Tusk's HyperTrunk

Business Plushi, Elie Tusk proposes High Speed Travel
Just got back from a visit to parts of Plushiland. You know that I am very popular ruler here and everyone wanted to see me. But my NSA intelligence service [remember the Bats and Pig)
tells me that someone has been logging onto my accounts. I think I know who it is, that Cheddar and Essence. They are always trying to get the better of me. But I know that I am far, fa,r cuter than they are, and that is all that counts. Be it in Plushiland or the HUMAN world. The Beautiful are always worshiped, and quite right too. So you see that is why, I Ratti am so popular, both in Plushiland and with you HUMANs.

By the way, it seems that that hyper over achieving Plushi, Elie Tusk has proposed a new way to travel. He is calling it the HyperTrunk. Basically there is a long tube shaped like elephant trunks. You sit inside small tree trunks and the elephants blow you along the Trunk-Tube. Apparently, the first attempt will be to link Los Plushi and San Fran-Fluff-co. But Elie Tusk is so busy with his other business ventures, sending Plushies into space and developing is Plush-Car that he does not have the time to develop the idea further.

Of course Elie has lots of Plushi-Dollars, he is a Plushi-Dollar-Trillionaire. He made most of his Plushi-Dollars from his horrible payment system PayMate, that he later sold to E-Bay-Plushi-Division. I, the great Ratti, think he has more money than brains. I am sure that the system will not work. We in Plushiland will still be walking around for a long time to come. I think the plan will be as successful as the first HUMAN railway between Manchester and Liverpool in Brit-Plush all those years ago.

I must go now and think of a suitable punishment for Cheddar and Essence.

Your marvelous Ratti Von Plush
Grand Vizier, Master of All I See

Office of The King

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