Monday, 5 August 2013

Robert MugaBear wins in ZimBearwe

President MugaBear and his Election Helpers
I am very happy to report that my good friend (even though he is a Bear) President MugaBear of ZimBearwe has been re-elected for a further 500 years. That is what I really like about Democra-FLuff once you are in power you can stay forever. Most of the Roman Emperors did not manage to for rule for 33 years, so well done to the Democra-Fluff and Emperor MugaBear. Sorry I meant to say President for Life. I was also pleased to see the way in which the Election Helper helped the Bears Of ZimBearwe make the RIGHT decision. No pressure of course. I too am building up my private army here in Plushiland. And with the help of my NSA, I am sure that I can be Grand Vizier for life.

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