Saturday, 17 August 2013

Olinguito - Not Another Bear!!!

One of my many HUMAN fans has suggested that I will be posting about the new Bear/Cat Mammal Combo, the OLINGUITO. Sounds like something on the Menu at MCFluffy, it would not surprise me one bit. We all know what goes into the Krusty Burgers on The Simpsons.

For all those who have not seen a picture of the Olinguito. Here are two pictures.
Ratti's Olinguito

From CNN
See the two pictures are exactly the same. I am a really good artist, in addition to all my other skills: including but not limited to Spying and Dictatorship, and Kingship....

I am not sure what all the Fluff is about anyway. Like I need competition from another Super Cute, CREATURE. I mean really. Just when I thought I was cuter than all the rest. Well that is what my mirror says every morning, when I look into it and ask the familiar question,"Who is the Cutest Plushi of ALL? Neither the Camera nor Mirror Lie, just like politicians. Some HUMANS are now worried that the poor Olinguito will be extinct in no time. Just like all the other CREATURES that The HUMANS have wiped out with there Greed for MORE FLUFF/STUFF. I have all the FLUFF I need. I JUST take what I need from the Royal Fluffery. If the Olinguito becomes extinct we have all the Stuffed versions, just like the crowd here in Plushiland, and we are ALL very much ALIVE!!!

Besides I will show you how you get to make some more Olinguitos, really easy, Just let the natural process happen.
Parents of the Olinguito?
As I said about the Prince Greoges, Bears can have Squirrel Children. So Imagine we can have he same here. The Storks bring all the new children, or at least shopping bags and Gift wrap in PLushiland.

One additional rant. How are those IDIOT HUMANS in SOUTH AMERICA that are looking for OIL in a nature reserve???? They wanted the West to give them money not to dig up their own NATURAL HERITAGE. And YOU, HUMANS are supposed to be inTELLIGENT. We Plushi's do not destroy our environment unlike YOU Greedy HUMANs. Make Ratti your KING and I will sort out all the HUMAN Problems.

Your marvelous Ratti Von Plush
Grand Vizier, Master of All I See (and soon to be KING of the HUMANS)
Office of The King

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