Friday, 2 August 2013

Tedward Snowbear and Bradley Mousing

Not a good day for me. It seems my hero, Pustin of Plushia has granted asylum to Edward Snowbear, formerly of the NSA. I am really not very impressed at all, as I wanted to send Teddy Bear to Jail, for crimes against Plushiland, and ME.

Me on the phone to President Pushtin of Plushia. Telling him to send Edward Snowbear back for trial.
This is the last know photo of Edward Snowbear, taken yesterday in Plushia. President Pushtin has allowed him to stay in the country, when he needs to come back to PLushiland and stand trial for crimes against PLushi-dom.

In better news a Court of Kangaroos found Bradley Mousing (are you a Man or a Mouse) guilty of crimes against Plushiland. This was for his releasing information on FLuffi-Leaks. He can expect a nice long jail sentence from us. He will be lucky if he does not receive the ulitmate punishment. The True Death - De-Fluffing. Will have to see what mood the court is in. See the Kangaroos are only trying to protect their children from Bear Terror.

Me presiding over Kangaroo Court that found Bradley Mousing Guilty. Any signs of torture are purely co-incidental.

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