Tuesday, 27 August 2013

HUMANS Murdering Badgers in England

Today, I am extremely Upset!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It seems that after all the questionable evidence and Protests to stop the Murdering of Badgers in England, the Tory Goverment and those less than useless Lib Dems have allowed Farmers (or their Evil Agents Hunters) to start killing Badgers in a Test Cull. 5000 Badgers will be murdered in England in the next few weeks. Shot when they leave their underground Homes. It should really come as no surprise that Farmers and their Union are in favour of killing Badgers. Farmers and Conservatives now that is a surprise. I mean Farmers are in the business of killing things are they not. The poor cattle that the measure is supposed to protect/help, end up in the pot or on the HUMAN table anyway. I am sorry I cannot see the difference between killing a cow because it has TB or you want to chop it up and eat it. But then again I do not understand the concept of Capitalism/Money fully/eating the Seared Flesh of Animals.

So cows hardly have any quality of life either. To be kept pregnant the whole time to produce milk, kept alive with anti-biotics, then killed. Their Babies taken away from them. The Male Baby Cows (Calves), locked into boxes, and then killed to star as Veal on your plate. Or just shot anyway, because nobody, quite rightly, wants to eat the Veal now a days. Perhaps less money from the EU to farmers to produce MILK and more money to Plushiland. Common Agricultural Policy - Kiss My Fluffy Butt. Wonderful things HUMANS, so clever, SO DUMB and SUCH KILLERS. You can give up meat and milk and the rest of your Cruelty Products you stuff down your throats. Soja is perfectly fine for you LOT. All Plushis in Plushiland are Fluff-arian.

But I would like you to consider your Democra-Fluff. The people said/say they did not want the Badgers killed, and the Govt just ignores them. HUMANS protested against the invasion of Iraq (reminds me of the questionable evidence of weapons of mass destruction) and your Govt's ignored YOU. I think that you should really start asking yourself if Democra-Fluff (or as you know it Democracy) still exists in the HUMAN world. Let's not forget the fact that you are constantly being SPIED on by your LEADERS.

All the CREATURES here is Plushiland are holding a Silence Week for the Badgers of England. In That time we will refuse to interact or comfort any of YOU lot. I for my part will be biting any HUMANS that come my way. Edna has promised to Poo in their Handbags and Cars.

Edna ready to do Her bit for the Badgers

From a Very CROSSS...
Ratti Von Plush
Grand Vizier Plushiland
Office of the King
Plushi Towers

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